Q. What standards do you work too?

A. We as a company pride ourselves on delivering a professional cleaning service to all our clients. All sites are checked on a regular basis to assure clients that the highest standards are maintained.

Q. Can we contact existing clients for references?

A. Most certainly, we would encourage new clients to do this as we feel this is the best recommendation that we as a company can offer.

Q. Are your staff insured and vetted?

A. Yes to both. Also they are trained in our company procedures and all aspects of the clients needs before they are entrusted with the responsibility of cleaning any of our client’s premises.

Q. If we have a problem what do we do or who do we contact?

A. You can contact the office by phone, email or phone, text our mobile numbers. We also keep in contact on a regular basis with our clients to make sure they are happy with our services.

Q. Are your cleaning products safe and Eco-Friendly?

A. We are a company who are aware of the environment and the need to become greener. Where at all possible we endeavour to use less harmful products and hold COSHH sheets for products kept within our clients sites. We also abide by our clients re-cycling practices.


We Take Pride in the Service We Provide

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